Foreign Students Sports Exchange Association
 It lets a sport pass and promotes international exchange.
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What NPO Foreign Students Sports Exchange Association?

We are changing in the international community to Japan, multicultural coexistence with each other on a global scale from the world due to the end of the Cold War and the remarkable development of the world economy in recent years, and from Japan to the world. In 1983, Japan was the goal of the early 21st century "Plan 100,000 international students" begins with a proposal of the government, students, student enrollment, trainees (hereinafter referred to as foreign students) The number of rapid growth from 1988 I showed.
Under such circumstances, in 1989, Association Sport Students [FSEA] (hereinafter referred to as cooperation graphics fraction) as well as providing opportunities for sports exchanges to foreign students countries to stay in Japan, and a stay in Japan of foreign students was established with the aim of contributing to Japan's international contribution by helping to do so.
Since 1993, we have promoted the establishment of a foundation to introduce a system of citizen participation activities by members.
The enforcement of the Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities in December 1998, the system you can get a legal entity, even a non-profit organization of citizens since the birth even in Japan In addition, based on volunteers like today's graphics distillate paves the way to a new organization, in August 2001, I acquired a legal personality. Space cooperation fraction is enriched up to you to basic principles and objectives of its establishment in the machine to get this NPO legal entity, are trying to leap.