Foreign Students Sports Exchange Association
 It lets a sport pass and promotes international exchange.

What is a NPO foreign stu

中野 浩一What is a NPO foreign student sports exchange association?
With remarkable development of the world economy in recent years, or the end of the Cold War structure, it is changing to the world from Japan, and the international society in which multiple cultures live together from the world by a global scale to Japan and which suits.
The "100,000 taking-in plan of a foreign student" of Japan aiming at the beginning of the 21st century started with proposal of the government in 1983, and the number of a foreign student, a precollege student, and trainees (henceforth a foreign student etc.) 示しま(ed) rapid growth from 1988.
the bottom of such a situation -- 1989 and foreign student sports exchange association [FSEA] (henceforth 留 ス 協) While providing with the opportunity of sports exchange the foreign student of each country etc. who stay in Japan, it was established for the purpose of contributing to Japan's international contributions by supporting and doing a foreign student's etc. Japanese stay so.
From 1993, the member system was introduced and establishment of the activity base was advanced by citizen participation.
Furthermore, by enforcement of the nonprofit activities promotion law in December, 1998, since the system which can acquire juridical personality was born also to our country even if it was a civic nonprofit institution, a new way opened also in the organization on the basis of a volunteer like 留 ス 協, and it acquired juridical personality in August, 2001.
留 ス 協 is the order which is going to make abundant the purpose and basic philosophy of the time of establishment, and is going to progress rapidly at the time of this NPO rank acquisition.